Spread Holiday Cheer Through Philanthroper: The Daily Deal Site for Social Good

Philanthroper is a daily deal site that shares the story of a new 501(c)3 non-profit every day. If you like the story, you can give the organization $1. And in honor of the Holidays, Philanthroper has increased the cap on donations, so you are able to donate up to $10 to whatever cause moves you.

Philanthroper’s payment model extracts just 1% of the donation, and it doesn’t keep this–the money goes directly to its transaction partner, to pay for the privilege of processing the online payment directly from your bank account to the non-profit you’ve chosen. The site notes that the industry norm is to extract 3% and up to 25% of the donation to cover running fees, but it’s managed to pull off something new by negotiating a fee of just 1 cent for each dollar donated from its transaction handler mPayy.

In return for donations, Philanthroper acts like a glossy magazine front-end for numerous non-profits, and you’ll get the warm inner glow of donating a small sum to one of the six categories of non-profits they cover: arts, education, animals, environment, human rights, and health.

So, pay it forward this Holiday season and become a micro-philanthropist through Philanthroper!


They Can Take Your Tents…

But they can never take your Electric Snuggie!!!

Just in time for today’s planned day of action and coming on the heels of Tuesday’s eviction, Wall Street occupiers are mad and they’re not going to take it anymore!

But how’s a poor (pun intended) 1%er supposed to gear up for a long day of mayhem and disruption after sleeping on a cold, hard park bench?

Have no fear, comrades! Occupy Groupon has found a solution: today’s groupon for a

Coz-e Electric Heated Blanket with Sleeves 

for only $19 Washington’s – that’s a whopping 68% off!!!

Now, whether you’re storming the stock exchange or disrupting subway traffic, you can do it in comfort AND style with what is effectively an electrified Snuggie! It says that it is “Specifically made for you to enjoy on the couch, or in a chair” but we know what it’s really for – to get yer protest on!

It’s time to dial up the heat on this cuz tomorrow it’s gonna get HOT in NYC!

Deal Hall of Fame: Fandango Movie Tickets

One of the most preferred Groupon/deals of the OG team is back! This time available through Travel Zoo, you can get 2 for 1 Fandango movie tickets.

I don’t know which movie I will use them for – Twighlight: Breaking Dawn or the New Harold and Kumar (id 3D!!!) – decisions, decisions!

Don’t hem anad haw over this decision, though! This deal is a must have!

Earth to Merchants: Groupons are Optional!

As an avid, yet objective Groupon fan, I have to say that all of this talk about merchants losing out is wearing a little thin.

The latest comes from the Huffington Post, reporting all sorts of fuzzy numbers about how people that buy Groupons would buy the products/services anyway, thus cutting into merchants’ margins. Now, I am going to sidestep the “how many of us are really drinking tequila while shooting pistols without a deal to get us there” obvious and get to the point: merchants, no one is forcing you to set up a Groupon deal!

That’s right, folks! Goupons are optional! Maybe you’re feeling the peer pressure from all of your competitors jumping on the daily deal bandwagon, but if they all jumped off a bridge (Groupon notwithstanding) would you jump too?

Whether or not someone would get a mani/pedi, a 10-course tasting menu or a sketchy juice cleanse from a chiropractor without a Groupon is overlooking the overabundance of business options out there, especially in a bustling metropolis such as New York City. For the less proactive among us, Groupons and such serve as a great aggregator and highlight off-the-beaten-path options for those products/services we would otherwise pursue elsewhere (as in “the same tired place between the subway and your apartment”).

There’s a lot of competition out there and a Groupon just might give you a leg up over the competitors, if maybe just for a day. What’s that? The big, bad Groupon monster is giving you the short end of the deal stick? Guess what? You can walk away. It’s your choice to pursue a Groupon and if you don’t, then it is you prerogative. Just don’t expect to see me walking through your door any time soon…

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

At first glance, I found one of today’s Groupons for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to be an excellent and exciting deal:

Al Rights Reserved, BBG

  • For $10, you get two admissions (a $20 value).
  • For $18, you get four admissions plus 20% off purchases at the Gift Shop (a $40 value).
While I have never been, the BBG is a big hit with “domestic-partner-in-law”Ali, who would spend hours on end there as my sister and I took part in less horticultural activities.
However, upon closer inspection, I noticed that the deal is only valid on weekend admission – ok… – until March 4, 2012 – wait a tick!
That means that this deal is only valid for the winter months. Having never been to the BBG, I can’t comment on the loveliness of the winter wonderland one would find there during the winter month. Surely it could be enchanting but also it could be cold, dead, depressing. I know that none of the photos in their Flickr album feature winter scenes. Sure, there was an Autumn scene, but Autumn came and went this year – and without much to show for it.
When I think of strolling through the botanical gardens having my own personal Walden pond existential epiphany, I don’t picture it trudging through the snow, narrowly evading ice and frostbite.
Therefore, upon evaluation, I deem this Groupon to be unoccupiable. It’s a shame, too – had so much potential.
What do you think? Do you want to pay 1/2 price (or less!) to go walking in a winter wonder and at BBG?

Free Live Chat: Raising Money Through ‘Deal of the Day’ Sites

As non-profits seek out new and creative ways to raise money, a growing number have been using sites like Groupon, Deals For Deeds, and others.

Learn how charities of all sizes have been raising money on the sites, how successful they have been, caveats to be aware of, and how to craft the best deal for your organization.

Join The Chronicle of Philanthropy on Tuesday, November 8, at noon U.S. Eastern time for a live online discussion on getting the most out of daily deal sites.

Click here to register (free!)

The guests:

Patty Huber developed and leads Groupon’s “G-Team” charitable efforts. Previously, she developed corporate volunteer programs and worked for mental-health and social service organizations.

Mike Jones co-founded Not Alone, a nonprofit that works to help members of the military and their families deal with combat-induced mental strains. Not Alone has raised more than $60,000 through Groupon.

Josh Hoffman is a co-founder of Deals for Deeds, a Washington “deal of the day” group.

Occupy Groupon in Solidarity With Occupy Wall Street!

A fellow Groupon Occupier alerted the team to an Occupy Wall St forum post calling for, well, Occupy Groupon!

So, to show our solidarity, we linked up with Occupy Wall Street Forum and are offering to spotlight socially responsible businesses right here!

If you have any suggestions for great businesses you would like us to holla at, you can:

We are the 99% – in search of 50% off!!!

The Happiest Thanksgiving a Sister Could Ever Hope For!

Today’s Groupon spotlight is in honor of my dear sister. Everyone knows that the holidays can be more stressful than joyful, and the “Where is Thanksgiving going to be held?” dillema is one of realpolitik not seen since the Reagan administration.

My sister always wants a happy, thankful Thanksgiving, sans drama, and who wouldn’t? Somehow, however, matters of who brings which pie and whether to do candied yams or green bean casserole (duh – both!) can lead to epic battles and feats of strength that defy the true nature of Thanksgiving.

So, in the spirit of a drama-free fete, I bring to you a ready-made, gourmet Thanksgiving dinner for 6-8 from Bloomindale’s own David Burke, including:

  • One quart of butternut-squash soup
  • One quart of cornbread stuffing
  • One quart of gravy
  • One quart of green-bean and chestnut salad
  • One quart of baby carrots
  • One quart of house-made cranberry sauce
  • One quart of sweet potatoes
  • Half of a 10–12 pound, uncooked, deboned Pat LaFreida turkey in a disposable sheet pan
  • One dozen cheesecake lollipops
  • Four ciabatta rolls

Wow, that’s a lotta chow!

So how much will this amazing deal set you back? Well, you have to balance the cost-benefit: In terms of cold, hard debit card swipage, it’ll come to about $150.

The Groupon site values the deal at $299. Now, I haven’t done my due diligence, costing out the real value (as any savvy Groupon Occupier should before committing to any deal). Just assuming that the retail value is in fact around $300 is already 50% savings – motivation enough for a ready-made gourmet smorgasboard.

However, when you factor in the tension and struggles over choosing a menu, the labor to prepare and cook, and the drama and tears involved throughout, I would say that this deal is, well, priceless.

So, dear sister, this deal is for you. Buy the Groupon, pour a glass of cava, and let the thankful gratitude set in. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!

We Want to Hear From YOU!

Um, Good Idea/Bad Idea? (alt. title: Annie Get Yer Gun, Salt, Lime…)

Raise your hand if this Living Social deal sounds like it could be a sublime catharsis or ill-advised game of chicken, depending on the order of events (hey, guacamole can be dangerous):

adventure kit

  • Exclusive Access to a Gun Range
  • Shooting Session with Three Types of Semi-Automatic Pistols
  • Forty Rounds Per Person
  • Tasting of Three Tequilas
  • Unlimited Chips, Salsa, and Guacamole
  • Adventures Staff to Guide You
At 265 and counting already capped, looks like Philly’s feeling lucky…