I am obsessed with Scoutmob!

For those of you not familiar with its brilliance, Scoutmob works primarily as a free mobile app on an iPhone or  Android device. Users scan deals by city or neighborhood and then redeem the virtual coupon when they arrive at the business. The best part? There’s no purchase necessary. You just show up at the restaurant or store and get a certain dollar amount (varies by venue) knocked off the total bill!

Its 500,000 users pale in comparison with Groupon’s 70 million or with Living Social’s 26 million, but co-founder David Payne said Scoutmob is at least doubling its user base every six months.

To reinforce that goal, Scoutmob announced in April 2011 that it had secured its first funding round of $1.5 million from venture capital firm New Atlantic Ventures. The money was used to triple Scoutmob’s 25-person staff and bring the discounting service to 10 more cities.

Utilizing the funds from the capital raise, Scoutmob now serves: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

I highly encourage you to check it out by typing Scoutmob in your app store finder and downloading it. I’m using it tonight to check out Candela Candela!


~ L

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  1. Another great feature about Scoutmob? It’s paperless! For those who have entered the 21st century with smart phones in hand, it will email you your deal code. For those poor, unfortunate souls with an “analog” mobile phone, it will text you the deal code! You simply select either option when you choose to access the deal and voila! As long as you have your phone, smart or remedial, you’ve got a deal!

    Pay close attention to the deal restrictions, though. Les and I had a lovely experience at Pranna in the Flat Iron district. The naan was so delish that we ended up ordering several other dishes, and it’s a good thing we did! When the check came and we tried to use our code, the manager told us it was for the dining room and dinner only. Thankfully he honored our code before I had to flip into righteous customer mode. Moral of the story: always know what you’re getting into. Since ScoutMob has no fiduciary commitment, the establishment may be less motivated to honor your misinterpretation of their benevolent deal.

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