I was checking my inbox for daily deals as I do, well, daily, and I saw a a curious sEllen Stamptamp on the paintball adventure featured in today’s Groupon. “Top deals, as seen on Ellen”? Whatever could this mean?

Now, as a gainfully employed young professional, I do not get to catch Ellen as often as I would like so I was unaware of this holy union. As a dutiful blogger, I did my due diligence and researched this partnership – apparently it was announced back in September (my birthday month – coincidence?).

As I read about it I thought, what a genius idea! Ellen understands the Groupon love that the OccupyGroupon team shares with you. She’s done a great job of promoting the fun adventures that we enjoy and has some great ideas for how to maximize your Groupon experience. I’m liking the pottery lesson idea! 🙂

I’m pretty pumped that Ellen is filling the void that Oprah’s book club left when the big O went off the air and I’m hoping that it will be a success!

Learning about this partnership gets me thinking – if Ellen is going to feature some deals, she’s going to need a couple of lively and lovely ladies to serve as correspondants to show just how much fun you can have with Groupons. Ready for your close-up, Les?

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  1. Les says:

    Oh heck yes! Don’t tempt me with a good time…especially if that good time involves our TV debut and Ellen (LOVE her!)

    Watch out world, here we come…

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