Our co-worker brought this very odd Groupon to our attention last week.

Naturally, our minds went all kinds of strange places with this one. We thought – how hysterical would it be for the two of us to spend two days/nights together, holed up in a “cozy,” but haunted 18th-century inn, taking part in ghost-communication lessons? Then we thought – how insanely hysterical would it be if we went dressed up as the ghosts of people we wished to communicate with and spent the entire time asking people if they do this often or if they’re here because of Groupon? Then we thought – who the heck is even going to sign up for something like this? We may be the only ones. So, we figured we could wait and mull over the travel logistics and purchase later.

Alas, there were apparently 130 couples out there, interested in spending two nights hearing otherworldly whispers and inhaling dust. Go figure. It must have been the photos of the “enchanting” guest rooms. Or maybe it was the promise of Captain Grant’s all-you-can-eat country breakfasts and complimentary wine. Either way, sadly we will never know of the great and ghoulish adventures that could have awaited us in Preston, CT. Lesson learned: even the most seemingly ridiculous Groupons appeal to someone!

Since we were going to use footage of this adventure as our audition tape to be guest correspondants for the Ellen show, we would LOVE your suggestions for funny Groupons to tackle instead. Thanks in advance!

Stay strange,

Team OccupyGroupon

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  1. […] tells me that Les and I may have found our replacement adventure for our Ellen Show audition […]

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