Um, yes please! Ever since OccupyGroupon’s inception, I have been especially keen to spot interesting and uncommon Groupons. Something about today’s less than stellar work day told me that there would be little more than the standard restaurant/spa/photo-to-canvas deal set awaiting me.

Boy, was I wrong!

For today’s OccupyGroupon Deal of the Day, I would like to tempt you with the possibility to tempt fate, test gravity, and try your chutzpah!

That’s right, kiddos! Don’t forget to wait 30 minutes before today’s high-flying deal, or you’ll have more than cramps on your hands! Oh boy, this deal – a choice between gymnastics, trampoline, and high falling class at Hollywood Stunts NYC in Brooklyn, is not your mother’s deal! In fact, you may want to take the advice of the pro in the video on that homepage and not tell your mother ’till after you do it!

Something tells me that Les and I may have found our replacement adventure for our Ellen Show audition tape!

Of course, we at Team OccupyGroupon are no strangers to death-defying feats. In addition to my own adventures in cliff diving and canyon jumping, Lesley and I partook in an extreme zip-lining excursion just this past June in Costa Rica for the Wedding of the Year, Mr. and Mrs. Hamsik! Don’t believe us? Check us out, all geared up and ready to zip!

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