Today’s Groupon spotlight is in honor of my dear sister. Everyone knows that the holidays can be more stressful than joyful, and the “Where is Thanksgiving going to be held?” dillema is one of realpolitik not seen since the Reagan administration.

My sister always wants a happy, thankful Thanksgiving, sans drama, and who wouldn’t? Somehow, however, matters of who brings which pie and whether to do candied yams or green bean casserole (duh – both!) can lead to epic battles and feats of strength that defy the true nature of Thanksgiving.

So, in the spirit of a drama-free fete, I bring to you a ready-made, gourmet Thanksgiving dinner for 6-8 from Bloomindale’s own David Burke, including:

  • One quart of butternut-squash soup
  • One quart of cornbread stuffing
  • One quart of gravy
  • One quart of green-bean and chestnut salad
  • One quart of baby carrots
  • One quart of house-made cranberry sauce
  • One quart of sweet potatoes
  • Half of a 10–12 pound, uncooked, deboned Pat LaFreida turkey in a disposable sheet pan
  • One dozen cheesecake lollipops
  • Four ciabatta rolls

Wow, that’s a lotta chow!

So how much will this amazing deal set you back? Well, you have to balance the cost-benefit: In terms of cold, hard debit card swipage, it’ll come to about $150.

The Groupon site values the deal at $299. Now, I haven’t done my due diligence, costing out the real value (as any savvy Groupon Occupier should before committing to any deal). Just assuming that the retail value is in fact around $300 is already 50% savings – motivation enough for a ready-made gourmet smorgasboard.

However, when you factor in the tension and struggles over choosing a menu, the labor to prepare and cook, and the drama and tears involved throughout, I would say that this deal is, well, priceless.

So, dear sister, this deal is for you. Buy the Groupon, pour a glass of cava, and let the thankful gratitude set in. Happy Thanksgiving, indeed!


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