At first glance, I found one of today’s Groupons for the Brooklyn Botanical Garden to be an excellent and exciting deal:

Al Rights Reserved, BBG

  • For $10, you get two admissions (a $20 value).
  • For $18, you get four admissions plus 20% off purchases at the Gift Shop (a $40 value).
While I have never been, the BBG is a big hit with “domestic-partner-in-law”Ali, who would spend hours on end there as my sister and I took part in less horticultural activities.
However, upon closer inspection, I noticed that the deal is only valid on weekend admission – ok… – until March 4, 2012 – wait a tick!
That means that this deal is only valid for the winter months. Having never been to the BBG, I can’t comment on the loveliness of the winter wonderland one would find there during the winter month. Surely it could be enchanting but also it could be cold, dead, depressing. I know that none of the photos in their Flickr album feature winter scenes. Sure, there was an Autumn scene, but Autumn came and went this year – and without much to show for it.
When I think of strolling through the botanical gardens having my own personal Walden pond existential epiphany, I don’t picture it trudging through the snow, narrowly evading ice and frostbite.
Therefore, upon evaluation, I deem this Groupon to be unoccupiable. It’s a shame, too – had so much potential.
What do you think? Do you want to pay 1/2 price (or less!) to go walking in a winter wonder and at BBG?

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