But they can never take your Electric Snuggie!!!

Just in time for today’s planned day of action and coming on the heels of Tuesday’s eviction, Wall Street occupiers are mad and they’re not going to take it anymore!

But how’s a poor (pun intended) 1%er supposed to gear up for a long day of mayhem and disruption after sleeping on a cold, hard park bench?

Have no fear, comrades! Occupy Groupon has found a solution: today’s groupon for a

Coz-e Electric Heated Blanket with Sleeves 

for only $19 Washington’s – that’s a whopping 68% off!!!

Now, whether you’re storming the stock exchange or disrupting subway traffic, you can do it in comfort AND style with what is effectively an electrified Snuggie! It says that it is “Specifically made for you to enjoy on the couch, or in a chair” but we know what it’s really for – to get yer protest on!

It’s time to dial up the heat on this cuz tomorrow it’s gonna get HOT in NYC!


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