Philanthroper is a daily deal site that shares the story of a new 501(c)3 non-profit every day. If you like the story, you can give the organization $1. And in honor of the Holidays, Philanthroper has increased the cap on donations, so you are able to donate up to $10 to whatever cause moves you.

Philanthroper’s payment model extracts just 1% of the donation, and it doesn’t keep this–the money goes directly to its transaction partner, to pay for the privilege of processing the online payment directly from your bank account to the non-profit you’ve chosen. The site notes that the industry norm is to extract 3% and up to 25% of the donation to cover running fees, but it’s managed to pull off something new by negotiating a fee of just 1 cent for each dollar donated from its transaction handler mPayy.

In return for donations, Philanthroper acts like a glossy magazine front-end for numerous non-profits, and you’ll get the warm inner glow of donating a small sum to one of the six categories of non-profits they cover: arts, education, animals, environment, human rights, and health.

So, pay it forward this Holiday season and become a micro-philanthropist through Philanthroper!


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