Lesley Snyder (aka Tweet, Phips, L, Ellie, Snowflake…the list goes on…) is the New Media & Corporate Communications Manager at CCS, a global fundraising consulting and management firm, catering to non-profit organizations of all shapes and sizes. She and OccupyGroupon co-founder, Courtenay O’Connor, met at work and bonded over their mutual desire to “do good.” Over time, they realized they had much more in common, including expensive taste in clothes, food and cocktails and their relentless pursuit of the perfect mani/pedi.

A lover of all things social, there is nothing Lesley enjoys more than sharing adventures with her gaggle of girlfriends. OccupyGroupon was born out of that love of socializing, mixed with the inevitable realization that life in the Big City is freakin’ expensive!

When Lesley isn’t out painting the town red or traveling with her fam, she resides on the Upper East Side with her pet ferret, Olivia.

As a former savvy world traveler, Courtenay O’Connor is applying her economically adventurous spirit to combat the urban ennui that New York City is wont to inspire.
Once a blue helmeted peacekeeping force to be reckoned with, Courtenay has hung up her safari hat in favor of high heels and pantsuits. Always on the lookout for a good deal, Courtenay’s life (and lifestyle) dramatically improved the day that she discovered the Groupon phenomenon through a friend’s Facebook post. Now, no longer limited to entire afternoons of rummaging through TJ Maxx racks and dusty dollar store shelves,  Courtenay avidly scours the her inbox, bursting at the seams with endless opportunities for adventure!
A selection of Courtenay’s Groupon experiences include: Brazilian jiu jitsu classes, circle line cruises, and California getaways. When she spots a good deal, she’s quick to dial extension 7436 to make sure Lesley gets in on it. Courtenay dreams of the day that Luke’s Lobster issues a Groupon and offers her organizing services to spearhead the effort.
When she isn’t jet setting to the Bay Area or to her native “Every Other State is Too Big” Rhode Island for visitations with her cat Baxter, AKA Mr. Tibbles, Courtenay resides in Manhattan’s East Village.

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