Wanna Get High – Flying, That Is?!

Um, yes please! Ever since OccupyGroupon’s inception, I have been especially keen to spot interesting and uncommon Groupons. Something about today’s less than stellar work day told me that there would be little more than the standard restaurant/spa/photo-to-canvas deal set awaiting me.

Boy, was I wrong!

For today’s OccupyGroupon Deal of the Day, I would like to tempt you with the possibility to tempt fate, test gravity, and try your chutzpah!

That’s right, kiddos! Don’t forget to wait 30 minutes before today’s high-flying deal, or you’ll have more than cramps on your hands! Oh boy, this deal – a choice between gymnastics, trampoline, and high falling class at Hollywood Stunts NYC in Brooklyn, is not your mother’s deal! In fact, you may want to take the advice of the pro in the video on that homepage and not tell your mother ’till after you do it!

Something tells me that Les and I may have found our replacement adventure for our Ellen Show audition tape!

Of course, we at Team OccupyGroupon are no strangers to death-defying feats. In addition to my own adventures in cliff diving and canyon jumping, Lesley and I partook in an extreme zip-lining excursion just this past June in Costa Rica for the Wedding of the Year, Mr. and Mrs. Hamsik! Don’t believe us? Check us out, all geared up and ready to zip!


Ya Snooze, Ya Lose…

Our co-worker brought this very odd Groupon to our attention last week.

Naturally, our minds went all kinds of strange places with this one. We thought – how hysterical would it be for the two of us to spend two days/nights together, holed up in a “cozy,” but haunted 18th-century inn, taking part in ghost-communication lessons? Then we thought – how insanely hysterical would it be if we went dressed up as the ghosts of people we wished to communicate with and spent the entire time asking people if they do this often or if they’re here because of Groupon? Then we thought – who the heck is even going to sign up for something like this? We may be the only ones. So, we figured we could wait and mull over the travel logistics and purchase later.

Alas, there were apparently 130 couples out there, interested in spending two nights hearing otherworldly whispers and inhaling dust. Go figure. It must have been the photos of the “enchanting” guest rooms. Or maybe it was the promise of Captain Grant’s all-you-can-eat country breakfasts and complimentary wine. Either way, sadly we will never know of the great and ghoulish adventures that could have awaited us in Preston, CT. Lesson learned: even the most seemingly ridiculous Groupons appeal to someone!

Since we were going to use footage of this adventure as our audition tape to be guest correspondants for the Ellen show, we would LOVE your suggestions for funny Groupons to tackle instead. Thanks in advance!

Stay strange,

Team OccupyGroupon

Ellen-Groupon Alliance the New Oprah’s Book Club?

I was checking my inbox for daily deals as I do, well, daily, and I saw a a curious sEllen Stamptamp on the paintball adventure featured in today’s Groupon. “Top deals, as seen on Ellen”? Whatever could this mean?

Now, as a gainfully employed young professional, I do not get to catch Ellen as often as I would like so I was unaware of this holy union. As a dutiful blogger, I did my due diligence and researched this partnership – apparently it was announced back in September (my birthday month – coincidence?).

As I read about it I thought, what a genius idea! Ellen understands the Groupon love that the OccupyGroupon team shares with you. She’s done a great job of promoting the fun adventures that we enjoy and has some great ideas for how to maximize your Groupon experience. I’m liking the pottery lesson idea! 🙂

I’m pretty pumped that Ellen is filling the void that Oprah’s book club left when the big O went off the air and I’m hoping that it will be a success!

Learning about this partnership gets me thinking – if Ellen is going to feature some deals, she’s going to need a couple of lively and lovely ladies to serve as correspondants to show just how much fun you can have with Groupons. Ready for your close-up, Les?

Double Blast from the Past – Steve Urkel Meets the Berenstein Bears LIVE?!

This deal needs no witty remarks, no introduction, no selling point. $22 for a ticket to the Berenstein Bears LIVE off-off-off-broadway. It sells itself.

The only thing this deal begs is the question: How will the Berenstein Bears incorporate Steve Urkel into their Family Matters live show? I shiver in anticipation…

Click here to get this deal while it’s hot – something tells me it will go faster than you can say “Did I do thaaaaat?”


Montepulciano with a Side of Tots…

On Wednesday, we ventured to the Bohemian National House on Manhattan’s Upper East Side for “Wines of Europe,” hosted by the New York Gourmet Society.

As with most of our genius Groupon purchases, Court found this one for the bargain price of $35/ticket. The ad boasted that the two and a half hour event would provide the opportunity to taste more than 60 wines from France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Portugal and Germany; ranging from inexpensive wines for everyday to those geared more towards the 1% ;O) Added bonus? A free wine glass! (of course we each ended up with two, thanks to “Lloyd” the guard that bid us adieu at the end of the evening.)

We arrived a bit early and were asked to wait outside, since we aren’t members of the New York Gourmet Society. Sitting on a stoop on 73rd Street, scoping out
the scene, we decided that trying to decipher to gourmands from the Grouponers was going to (perhaps) be as much fun as sampling the wines. We weren’t disappointed…

The crowd of about 200 was as diverse as the wines we tasted. The gourmands were immediately noticeable, as they were the ones with impeccable swirling and swishing techniques, followed by spitting perfectly good wine into plastic buckets. Not us Grouponers! You could find us huddled around the table, tasting
each wine in the flight and most definitely NOT spitting. We were also the ones making frequent trips to the bread and cheese platters in the middle of the room. Some might call it gauche, we call it self preservation…

The vendors were equally as entertaining. Despite the fact that the majority of the men had rings on their fingers, they made no attempt to conceal the fact that
they were more interested in checking out the women guests, than actually educating them about wine. About an hour into the event, most of the women didn’t seem to mind.

Our fav guests of the night? Two 60-something Brits (“just friends”) who spent the latter half of the evening talking to us about traveling and Match.com.

Our fav wine of the night? Surprisingly enough, $9 Pinot Grigio which we lovingly referred to as the “one night stand wine,” because it was just what we were looking for at the time but didn’t linger where it wasn’t wanted.

We ended our adventure at a bar around the corner called Stir (http://www.stirnyc.com/). It was empty, but pretty cute. What would best compliment all the wine we’ve just imbibed, we thought? Chocolate? A cheese plate? Not us! We ordered tater tots and guacamole. And both were delish (don’t judge!)

We ate our grub, chatted up some passersby, tried to steal their adorable dogs and then called it a night.

All in all, it was well worth the $35…a hilarious night and the impetus for launching this blog! #Winning!




Portable Deals

I am obsessed with Scoutmob!

For those of you not familiar with its brilliance, Scoutmob works primarily as a free mobile app on an iPhone or  Android device. Users scan deals by city or neighborhood and then redeem the virtual coupon when they arrive at the business. The best part? There’s no purchase necessary. You just show up at the restaurant or store and get a certain dollar amount (varies by venue) knocked off the total bill!

Its 500,000 users pale in comparison with Groupon’s 70 million or with Living Social’s 26 million, but co-founder David Payne said Scoutmob is at least doubling its user base every six months.

To reinforce that goal, Scoutmob announced in April 2011 that it had secured its first funding round of $1.5 million from venture capital firm New Atlantic Ventures. The money was used to triple Scoutmob’s 25-person staff and bring the discounting service to 10 more cities.

Utilizing the funds from the capital raise, Scoutmob now serves: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, Portland, Seattle, San Francisco and Washington D.C.

I highly encourage you to check it out by typing Scoutmob in your app store finder and downloading it. I’m using it tonight to check out Candela Candela!


~ L

Get to Know Groupon

The story of Groupon is the story of America – an innovative and entrepreneurial idea’s meteoric rise to establish and lead the new industry of online deal finding.

Get to know Groupon – check out this story outlining the rise of the phenomenon and the man behind the cat:

Save Groupon!!!

Thanks to Danee Chesney, a devoted Groupon Occupier, we have been notified of a threat to our passion and livelihood:


Everyone buy your Groupons and keep it (and us) in business!!!

Calling all Hipsters

Hey Hipsters!

Have you been looking for a magazine that says as much about you as your neighborhood? Well then we’ve found the Groupon for you! Now you can roll up Brooklyn Magazine into the ratty back pocket of your black Levi’s Skinny jeans for all on the L train to see!

And the best part? This $8 epic win for you and your horn-rimmed trending friends is yours for 2 whole years! Of course, by that time you will have either sold out and moved to the ‘burbs or already gentrified the newest borough with your skateboards and Converse – Staten Island!