So many Groupons, so little time!

This blog is for you if:
your inbox is inundated with emails for Groupons and other daily deals
you like to buy daily deals
you buy deals and don’t use them
you use deals but don’t buy them
you want a heads-up on awesome deals
you want to read some reviews about deals
you want to find out if someone else got the same deal as you so you can have
some company
you want to read stories about the random goods and services that Lesley and
Courtenay acquire through said deals.

Basically, this blog is for everyone because who DOESN’T want to
read funny stories about Lesley and Courtenay?

In addition to daily deal websites such as Groupon (or Living
Social, or KGB, or whatever your fave deal site is – we use Groupon as a
catch-all, like Kleenex!,) this blog was inspired by the Occupy sensation
spreading the nation (ok, world, but that doesn’t rhyme.)

We not only love new experiences and saving money, we admire the
leveling of the playing field that Groupon and other deals have to offer. Sure,
maybe the 1% doesn’t use Groupons or even frequent the establishments that
offer them, but Groupons and the like allow us 99% to live a little crazier and
try new things that we can’t just otherwise throw money at. Groupons are the
great equalizers that give us the motivation and financial incentive to get out
there and live a little, like the 1% get to every day!

So, you may choose to march up Fifth Avenue, sit-in and play your
djembe at Zuccotti Park, or join the movement wherever you are, but what’s
really the fun in that? Stick it to the man by going out there and paying less
for ghost tours, ice cream, massages, language lessons, sustainable house
cleaning, or whatever does it for you!

The possibilities are endless so drop your placards and raise up
your Groupons because it’s time to Occupy this bitch! Long live Groupon, the
Great Equalizer!


2 responses »

  1. Brooke says:

    a catch-all — like Kleenex — love it!

  2. Jes says:

    “Stick it to the man by going out there and paying less for ghost tours…”

    Great idea, very playful and informative. I expect this will brighten my everyday while I purchase posh deals for thrifty prices!

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